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Follow this instructions to make a reservation

1) Make an account in ReservaDeportes, by clicking here

2) Check your email to activate your account by clicking in the link provided (If you dont get any email, check SPAM folder)

3) Login with your details

4) [ONLY FOR AYTOS WITH MEMBERSHIPS] If you are a member of the club, It is needed that they validate your data first, so they can accept your membership request.

Once you have logged in with your details, on the top part you can see weather or not you are a member, If you are not, send them an email, entering your member data in the appropiate box , and wait for the club to validate and accept you.

5) The system will send you an email whenever you have been accepted as a club member, since that moment you will be able to make your reservations online!

6) Reading FAQ,you will find the answers to all your questions: cancel a game, make a new game, and so on.

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